Case Rocket Team (CRT) is Case Western Reserve University's aerospace design team. We participate in high power rocketry competitions and other aerospace-related events nation-wide!

CRT is a highly diverse team whose members range across Undergraduates, Masters' students, PhD students, and Alumni. Not exclusive to aerospace and mechanical engineering, students from many different fields - other engineering disciplines as well as areas of study not conventionally associated with rocketry - also participate in CRT projects.  We encourage all disciplines to participate. All are welcome, regardless of major or skill level.

Our mission is to continue improving our skills, abilities, and to make better rockets! Through any obstacle, we learn, adapt, and overcome.



CRT participates in many projects throughout the year. By the end, members will have learned basic to advanced concepts relating to rocketry. Through hands-on activities, members familiarize themselves with the design process, training them to be competent engineers.



CRT kicks off each year with certifications. The process complies with the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) guidelines for high powered rocketry.  The design and build phases for lower level certifications (levels 1 and 2) are an excellent opportunity to teach new members the basics of amateur rocket construction and safety, as well as hands-on engineering and design. This annual endeavor for CRT prepares all new members for the Spaceport America Cup competition and leaves them with their own personal rocket!


Spaceport America Cup

The Spaceport America Cup (SA Cup) is a competition hosted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA). It is an altitude competition challenging student teams to deliver a payload as close as possible to a target altitude. We will compete in the 2019 SA Cup’s 10,000ft Challenge. This is our highest challenge we have yet faced. The speed and intensity required to reach this altitude has required a complete redesign of our competition rockets. In addition to launching rockets, the SA Cup will feature a poster session and technical conference hosted by ESRA. A Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and a Critical Design Review (CDR) must be approved before competition.


Research & Development

CRT has always had a focus on expanding our member’s knowledge and interests. To achieve this, we are always pushing new projects to work on, utilizing our subteam system to design, build, and test every design and idea going into our final competition rocket. This year, our primary R&D goals were advanced fiberglassing to improve structure, airbrakes to control our ascent and descent, fiberglass manufacturing techniques, and basic live streaming of launch videos. We are proud of the work all our members do to enhance our team’s knowledge.




 We are a diverse team of undergraduates from Case Western Reserve University. Although CRT is based out of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, it consists of members from a wide range of disciplines:

Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Engineering Physics